Our offices demonstrate how NW Security & Sound can create a unique, awe-inspiring home theatre; the above system is installed in our demo room/recreation area. 

If you’ve always wanted the movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home, look no further! A single remote can control videos, DVD players, sound systems, lighting, and projectors with screens all in one. With Amina's Invisible Speakers, sound will surround you, without distracting, bulky speakers in your line of sight.

We can even design and install seating that mimics a multi-level theatre, without the crowds, noise, or sticky floors. By day, use our automated systems and streamlined designs to create a living space. By night, reveal your built-in home theater, dim the lights, and enjoy entertaining your family and friends!

Audio & Video Throughout Your Home

Tired of turning your music on in the living room, only to move to the kitchen and find…silence? Formerly, the solution to this problem was to wear headphones, or crank it up in one room, to be heard only partially in another.  With NW Security & Sound’s multi-room audio systems, each member of the family can listen to their own favourite play lists, in every individual room of the house.

Or, if you’re tired of trying to decide on a radio station for the entire office, wait no more! Our systems allow every employee to choose from a variety of programs, including Pandora Radio, Spotify, and local channels, then listen individually in their own offices. Read more about how you can stream "all the music in the world, in every room!"

We also specialize in distributed video system, which allow you to pause a movie, then begin again from any room in the house. Use this handy system so you don’t miss a moment of your favorite show or film!

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